Monday, July 9, 2012


Do you sometimes ever seriously wonder what we all ever did without the Internet?  How did we get our questions answered?  How did we find directions?  And most importantly, how did we find our photographer??? :). Sometimes I wonder if my business would even exist without the Internet especially when I have clients like Adam and Rosie tell me that they "found" us while googling a venue online.  As much as we have so adapted to our virtual lives, it's still so fascinating to me.  From the beginning when we received their inquiry, we just felt something special about them and just knew that we would be shooting their wedding especially when they told us that they couldn't stop singing along to the song on our website!  Not just that, they used the word "stellar" which is a word that I could not stop using during that time, and my wife kept making fun of me.  :)  (I go through these phases of using certain words A LOT for a season and then I get over it.)  I love their enthusiasm, appreciation, and passion for photography. Even when planning their engagement shoot, they were both so easy to work with, and I appreciated their flexibility and excitement!  We had a blast in downtown Roswell... I loved how they were up for anything and just trusted me. And, how can you forget their cute little dog?  You'll see that in a couple of shots, it was their "baby" for now... :). Their personalities really balance each other's so well, and I can totally see that they just love one another and pleasantly love each other's presence. Adam and Rosie, you guys are an amazing couple, and I see such a bright future ahead of you!  From seeing how you plan things so well, your wedding will be excellent in every way and will be a total blast!  Can't wait!!!!
PS - Thank you so much for making the time to send the fan back!  You're awesome!

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  1. You're the bomb dude! Thanks again!

  2. They are perfect! Captured the essence of Rosie and Adam...and Cooper too!

    1. Woot!!! Thanks meigan. Cooper was super cooperative!

  3. PRECIOUS! What a fabulous couple captured by an awesome photographer! Congratulations future Mr. and Mrs. Fowler!

  4. Great shoot! Last 3 are my fav.