Sunday, July 1, 2012


Some people ask me if I ever get sick of weddings... the answer is, "are you kidding me?  I get excited about each wedding I have the honor to capture and get butterflies in my stomach like the bride.  :)  Just ask my wife... I realized the other day that weddings never get old to me because it's about love, and does anyone get sick of love?  In the end, isn't that what life is about and really the only thing that matters?  Well, Mallory and Casey's wedding was definitely about that; their love for one another and the family members and friends that love them back.  I appreciate how I get to go to all these different local locations that I never knew existed... I mean, absolutely gorgeous places!  This couple chose a venue that was so grand and all I could say was, "WOW! What a view!"  The ceremony turned out dreamy and just absolutely gorgeous.  And, I have to mention one of the cutest flower girls I've ever met!  It was so adorable when she walked down the aisle as she was throwing the flower petals and then turned around to pick them all back up!  LOL  That was priceless... And, can I please mention how perfect the weather was?  I expected a June wedding to be a bit hotter, but no, it was just perfect... You can really tell how much a couple is meant to be by meeting their families and friends on their wedding day.  If you check out their engagement session and read their story of how when they love something, they love it passionately.  Well, that shows in their relationships as well... I loved seeing how tight their friendships were with the members of the college sororities and fraternities.  You can really tell that they've had many precious memories during their college journeys and that their friendships have become a lifetime thing.  Plus, how do you not like Mallory and Casey anyways?  They were the most chill bride and groom and just so easy to get along with... Now, let me mention a few things about the reception.  Everything was so beautiful!  These days, my wife is really into the color, purple, so seeing that in action was pretty cool.  From the bridesmaids' dresses to all the decor on the table, cake, bouquets, etc... It all came together beautifully... I love this couple's taste!  I know.... I can get pretty emotional.  :)  The father and daughter dance gets me every time!  Especially seeing Mallory's dad getting chocked up during their dance, it never fails... I always imagine what it would be like to have that same moment with my daughters in the future.  Just thinking about it makes me tear up.  I know that day will come sooner than later... And, how do you forget the photo booth?  It's so fulfilling for me when I see the guests have such a good time with the photo booth.... You'll see at the end of this post all the fun times that their guests got to capture.  Mallory & Casey, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a momentous wedding!  You guys did an amazing job with everything, and we wish you only the best for the rest of your lives!  

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Venue - Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club
Coordinator - Stacy Garmon
Hair/Make-up -Davis Clay Salon
Flowers - Blueberry Spring
Cake - Cutie Pies and Cakery
D.J. - Tyler Purdue
Caterer - Proof of The Pudding
String Quartet - Celebration String Quartet
Dress - Bridals by Lori / Designer - James Clifford

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