Sunday, June 3, 2012


Every time we even think of this couple, we just can't get over how sweet they are... If there's one word to describe them, they are simply sweet.  I have been knowing Brendan for years now; I believe about 12 years.  I can really say that I've been knowing him since he was small:)  Then, one day, that small kid became a man and really became a man when we found out that he had a girlfriend!  We were so happy for him... truly happy... Then, they initiated on having dinner with my wife and I.  My wife and Chae never met each other, but as soon as they met, they just bonded.  Yes, they are both Korean, but not just because of that, my wife instantly fell in love with her and them as a couple and so did I!  From that day on, we couldn't live without their friendship and met very often.  We have all been learning so much from each other... many random things, but mostly the importance of relationships and marriage and what it takes to keep it strong and healthy.  Brendan & Chae are both about 10 years younger than my wife and I, but we can't get over how mature they are.  Their commitment to each other is strong, but their faith in God is even stronger; not easily shaken.  They don't compromise, and we love that about them.  As time passed, we started wondering when they were going to get engaged.  ;)  I'm sure many around them did as well... Then, we received the news from Brendan that he was going to pop the question, and it was truly an honor to be a part of the sweetest engagement ever!  Then the honor continued when they asked us to be their photographers.  Are you kidding?  OF COURSE!  Who wouldn't want to photograph the best couple ever in their most special day??  My wife and I were so stoked... Well, the day came when we set up a date to do their engagement... We chose a great place, and the day went so well... I mean, how could it not, eh?  Well, there was one thing........... :)  At one point of the shoot, Brendan warned that there may be poison ivy, but we were all good until days later, I found out that he got it!  Ouch!  So sorry, Brendan.... Well, they were true naturals in front of the camera as expected and it turned out beautiful as you will see.  Brendan & Chae, thank you both for your friendship, and we just can't wait for your wedding day.  Everything will be perfect!

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