Sunday, June 17, 2012


Let's play ball!  I know.... you may be thinking why I'm saying that for a wedding blog?  :)  Well, let's remember Lauran and Taylor from last year when we shot their engagement shoot at Turner field... Very cool!  You have not met a Brave's fan until you have met Lauran & Taylor.... Really, they ARE the biggest fans!  I love how they have something so in common.  They really enjoy this game, and I think it's just so neat that a couple not just love each other, but have hobbies that they love together.  Well, it's peak baseball season right now, so I wouldn't doubt it they have already been to a game this year.  :)  Well, enough about the Braves... how about their wedding?  First, they picked such a great venue... I mean, I loved it!  They both looked amazing, and more than anything.... they just simply enjoyed this special day and celebrated it!  They both have such loving families.... I sensed nothing but peace, joy, and happiness, and it just made me think, "you know, this is the way a family should be....".  The bridal party was superb too!  This group just really knew how to have fun... love and jokes and just in the air.  ;)  Lauran & Taylor, thank you for all the hard work and effort that went into making your wedding fabulous.... may you have a blessed marriage for endless years to come.  GO BRAVES!

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He was sooooo excited!

Venue - 655 West
Coordinator - Jennie Tibbitts
Flowers - Faith Designs
D.J. - Mark McCain
Dress - Davids Bridal


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