Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I'm so blessed to be able to witness so many couples celebrate their love for one another almost every weekend.... Does it get old?  You would think, right?  No.... It actually gets me more excited each time, and I'm truly thankful to call what I do my job.  And excited I was when I was about to get to Casey & Alvah's wedding at the LOFT in Atlanta.  First, they picked such a wonderful venue, and all the details were just great... I love how everyone has such unique taste in what they want in their wedding and all the creativity that goes into what it takes to make their wedding special and their own.  And what detail made this wedding so special for me? Can you say CUPCAKES?  If you know me, one of my hobbies is to visit cupcake shops with my family whenever we get a chance... So, when I saw ALLLLLL those cupcakes, I had to simply smile.  :)  But, weddings are more than the details... it's about sharing this most special moment in your life with your family and friends.... with those who will support you through thick and thin so that this happy moment can be "happily ever after."  Now that I'm a father of two beautiful girls, life is a bit different.... more sentimental.  When I saw Alvah dance with his girl, it got me, I must say!  Yes, I'll admit that I shed a few tears.... tears of joy and happiness. That was the most beautiful father/daughter dance I've ever seen... Casey & Alvah, you are a beautiful couple, and may you continue to be blessed!  

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Love this. She drew the photographer! WOOT!

Coordinator - Temi Adebayo
Flowers - Ashley Charron
D.J. - Justin Hart
Make-up - Carime Murillo
Dress - Affordable Bridal (Mori Lee)
Officiant - Todd McVicker

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  1. Pictures really captivated the emotions of the day! Casey & Alvah you guys looked amazing and Amaya is blessed to have you as her parents!