Tuesday, November 20, 2012


What is it about fall that everyone likes?  Is it the color of the leaves?  The cool breeze?  Do you notice that even the smell changes depending on the season?  What about the change of products in stores?  The time change?  It's amazing the effect that weather has on people... When Jen contacted us, she just knew what she wanted.  I love people that know what they want!  She wanted fall pictures, and she got it!  I love the fall season as well, and we really chose a great time to have that perfect temperature too.  When I met Jen and Phillip for the first time at their engagement shoot, it was easy for me to feel comfortable with them because of something they and my wife and I had in common. What is it?  Well, Jen is Korean and so if my wifey!  I just love multicultural relationships...!  And, I know I'm biased about this, but our kids turn out so stinkin' cute!  :)hehe  I hope my wfie and Jen get to meet one day!  The pictures will show you how natural they are together and their love just sparked!  From the way she looks at him and they way he looks at her back... sometimes, you don't need words, you can just stare and know.  They know alright... Their sincere and genuine love for one another and the emotion behind it was captured in the lenses!  Jen and Phillip, I hope this season of engagement goes well and smoothly as you plan the details of your most special day.  Have FUN planning! I'm so happy to say that you're our first wedding for 2014!  YEAH!  We'll definitely meet up before then, but I really can't wait for it.  It's going to be beautiful as you guys are!

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