Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It's amazing how big this world is... There are so many places I would love to see, but realistically, I probably won't get to. Well, maybe half of the world. :)  But at the same time, this world is pretty small too as many of us realize as we get older. Uh oh... Does this mean I'm getting old?? :)  When Helen contacted us to get her family's pictures done, we couldn't believe how many mutual friends we had. Then when I saw them at the shoot, I did remember seeing them at other friends' functions!  It's neat to realize how we are all connected somehow (I think Facebook has proven that as well). It was so good to see a family of three so happy!  We are expecting out third pretty soon, so it was so encouraging and uplifting to see how these amazing parents handle three amazing kids so amazingly!  :) It's not just the kids that have full, healthy energy!  The parents do too!  I love that!  I absolutely love and appreciate parents that have fun with their kids!  I have to say that I truly had a great time at this shoot with Helen and Jay. Sometimes you just click with people and they were just so easy to approach and get along with. No awkwardness or anything of that sort. I loved talking to Jay!  I came back home so refreshed and told my wife, "now that is why i love my job!".  Helen and Jay, thank you for everything!  We hope to get to know you more and may God continue to bless your beautiful family!  

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