Sunday, November 11, 2012


Meeting Jolley and Nathan to talk about the details of their wedding was such a wonderful experience for me.  I loved hearing how they met and the hobbies that they're into.  Most couples see signs and just "know" that they're meant to be for one another.  But, Jolley and Nathan have the most unique thing I've ever seen.  Towards the end of their wedding consultation, they both showed me their hands and asked if I see something.  It took me a little bit, but they both had a finger missing!  I couldn't believe it!  I love how this couple sees the bright side of things and just embrace it.  We all laughed and enjoyed the rest of the evening together.  Another unique thing?  Who says you have to get married on a Saturday?  Not Jolley and Nathan… they got married on a Thursday.  Yes, Thursday!  Something else?  Their venue was just fantastic… just look at the pics and you'll agree… That's not the end!  I have one more to share.  Jolley became Jolley Rogers.  :)  So, if you wonder why there's a picture of Nathan with an eye patch, that's why!  LOL They're so creative and again, I just love how they enjoy each other and simply just have fun.  Their genuine smiles really made my day as a photographer and they really made my job easy as they gave me sincere emotions for me to capture.  Jolley and Nathan, I am so thankful that you guys contacted us and that everything all worked out!  I'm truly happy for you both and hope to continue getting to know you guys.  May you have a wonderful marriage as you keep the fun and love alive!

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Venue - Le Bam Studio
Dress - Sweet Elegance Bridal
Cake - Sugar Kneads
Make-up - Toni Acey
Hair - Raymond Adams
Bridesmaids Dress - Armours and Anguish

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  1. Lou Rogers...Father...November 11, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    Great venue, excellent people, fantastic couple...amazing photos making both of them and their group look absolutely stunning...FANTASTIC JOB CRAIG...