Monday, November 19, 2012


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IS IN THE AIR...!!!!  When you go out these days, don't you just feel like it's so romantic?  If it wasn't peak photography season, I would so love to take my wife out every night!  The weather is just perfect.  Not too hot; not too cold and the fall leaves and their colors are just gorgeous!  Well, that was the day for David & Woori on their wedding day... Just perfect.  Woori was just all smiles with her gorgeous dress, and I know that David was so happy to see his beautiful bride.  I so wished that I could've taken my wife to this wedding... I just love the Korean culture and how they celebrate their special days and honor their parents and friends!  I always feel more connected to the culture when my wife is there for me.  :)  But, she has a baby in the oven and had to take care of him!  David & Woori, thank you for the spectacular time!  I really enjoyed meeting all of your friends and family, and it was an honor for me to take part on your special day... You guys make a wonderful couple!  Blessings on your marriage.

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  1. WOW! i really love these pics - they're awesome!! you guys look amazing.. like rockstars! and what a sweet wedding it was! :)